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I wish to extend my appreciation and gratitude to the member of this Council for their support and commitment, for without their staunch effort, the Institute would not have continued to achieve what we have this year.

The Institute is what it is today because of the continued dedication, commitment and sacrifice of its members towards the profession. Some of the younger and newer members of the Council have been most supportive and have ably contributed ideas and effort in the many tasks and issues facing the profession. I hope that more young members will come forth to serve the Institute for it is with the injection of new blood and ideas that PAM will be enriched. These younger members will over time assume the reins of the Institute, whilst as for the ‘older’ members, I hope, will want to make way for the younger and more energetic. New ideas must be introduced and be accepted and given an opportunity to be proven. It is through constant ‘re-charging’ the Institute with new blood that the Institute can grow and be strong.

However, the Institute can only be strong as the support given by its members. New members and supportive members are very important for its survival. It is the members, who having a ‘real sense of responsibility and dedication, who come forward to give their time and knowledge, that others may gain. The Institute is served by members who volunteer their time and service and many of them are busy practicing architects, thus when they give their time and effort for the benefit of the Institute, there are limitations on what they can do. It is important for click here membership to recognize and appreciate their sacrifices. The Institute must not be taken advantaged of by members for their personal gains. Members must serve with complete loyalty and professionalism; there must not be any Conflict of Interest, those who serve for selfish motives are not welcomed.

On the issue of ‘water and electricity connection’ when handing over of vacant possession by the developer to the house purchasers. PAM sought legal opinion on this matter, and members were notified by circular in the May 1993 issue of the Berita Akitek on ‘the Architect’s Certification’ and the role and responsibility of the Architect under the Sale and Purchase Agreement, particularly when certifying completion of the house for Stage 3 of the S&P Agreement.

Pressures are being brought to bear on the Government of Malaysia through the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (Gatt) to liberalise the services sector and hence we may be forced to open our door to foreign architects. The Town Planners are using their ‘network’ in the Government to introduce a Town Planners’ Bill that may restrain architects from submitting layout plans. Landscapers and Interior Designers are also bringing pressure to bear, within their connections to restrain Architect’s submission and involvement in these areas which had traditionally being within the Architect’s scope of work.

With all these external threats there is a need to close ranks. Matters of misunderstanding between architects should be kept personal. The Institute must not be used and abused by any individual to serve and satisfy their personal animosities. The Institute must not be allowed to be destroyed by some self-serving individuals. Membership at large must collectively resist any threat or attempt to destroy the Institute.