PAM Report

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Before launching into my report for PAM 1991-1992, I wish to extend my appreciation and gratitude to the members of this Council, for ably carrying on despite my three months of absence due to medical reason; and without their continued effort, the Institute would not have achieved what we have this year.

The Institute is what it is today because of the continued dedication and commitment of its members towards the profession. This year’s council consisted of nine new members; bringing with new enthusiasm, new vision and impetus for the well are of the Institute. This self-sacrifice sustains the Institute in particular and the profession in general. No matter how well designed a piece of equipment may be, regular and continued maintenance and servicing is essential, to ensure uninterrupted performance. Some modification to the Institute’s operations was introduced by Council this year. These modifications for the better and to strengthen the Institute were intended to move with time.

SAC (Special Action Committee) originally conceived as the Special Task Force Committee (STF Committee) set up to solve problems speedily; had in recent years lost its original concept. It is now called Special Projects Committee with the task of providing in-depth analysis of problems and issues affecting the profession. Hopefully with the change in role function, its effectiveness will be felt in time.

The Arbitration Panel Committee which ahs been in existence since 1976 and a source of recent disharmony between some members was restructured and is continuing to be restructured based on professional advise received. Arbitration matters cannot be handled, discussed or dealt with by a panel of members meeting regularly. PAM’s role is to coordinate and recommend suitably qualified architects prepared to serve as arbitrators to the disputing party. In light of this the then existing anomaly was rectified and name changed to Arbitration Coordination, with the appointment of WY Chin as co-ordinator.

Further consolidation in order to provide better utilization of manpower and to strengthen the section was the merging of the Housing Committee into the Practice Section, now called the Practice & Housing Section.

The structure of PAM is as per chart enclosed. (Fay to discuss with Mr. Lim)

Each section is served by more than one Co-chairman ensuring a role and responsibility for all members in Council. Prior to this many members were without an active and defined role in Council. This was wasteful.

The Institute is constantly faced with issues that threaten the well being of the architects. Pressures are being brought to bear on the Government of Malaysia to open our door to foreign architects, the Town Planners are using their ‘network’ to restraint architects from doing layout planning for projects exceeding unreasonable small land size e.g. 10 acs. Government employed architect are having their salary scale review by-passed etc; matters of such magnitude need support and constant vigilance on the part of our members. PAM has expressed support to our Government through its respective ministers on GAT agreement and on the Tropical hardwood issue. Some of these matters will be highlighted in more details under their respective sections.

PAM was appointed coordinator by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment for the Workshop click here on Technology Trend towards the Year 2020 Conference in August 1992. The object was to draw up a guideline for the Building Industry to achieve the national objective of an Industrialized nation status by 2020.

For the Institute to achieve some of our objectives it is necessary to have support, understanding and sympathy from the general public and in particular persons of authority; and it is towards this end that Council has commenced a deliberate policy of contact and dialogue with the public at large. We thank the support given and understanding expressed to us by the Minister for Local Government & Housing. YB Dato Dr. Ting Chew Peh, the Minister for Primary Industry, YB Dato Dr. Lim Kheng Yaik; the Mayor of K.L., YB Tan Sri Elyas Omar and our illustrious member Minister of Telecommunications & Energy, YB Dato Samy Vellu.

In the International arena, PAM continues to be active in ARCASIA. PAM was nominated to publish the first ever architectural magazine for Asia circulated to fifteen (15) countries. ARCASIA has come into being. In Beijing last year the Asean members in ARCASIA signed a joint memorandum on cooperation for intellectual and cultural exchange among Asean member countries. This is a further thrust to strengthening the profession against outside forces.

David Teh, a past president of PAM, is a current Vice-President of CAA (Commonwealth Association of Architects) was elected in the Conference in Cyprus last year.

In August PAM will co-sponsor a close Conference in K.L. on the heads of architectural schools between Australia and the Asean countries. All heads have been invited. This conference is called CHASA (Conference of Heads of Architectural Schools of Australasia).

On to the Social and Domestic matters of PAM. This Council year witnessed the furnishing of the Main Hall at the Institute with period furniture to create an air of space “being-lived-in”; the members’ bar which had been lingering in limbo for many years was resurrected and a new lease of life injected into it; and a new council chamber carved out of the former trade display area, is in the process of completion after refurbishment and refitting; and work to extending the resource center is about to commence.

The Mayor of K.L. has given the old dilapidated building adjacent to PAM building which was burnt out to be restored, indicating a continuing confidence that “the architects can look after the City’s heritage”. This building when restored may be used for further members’ accommodation and usage.

PAM Building Information Center was revitalized and given a new lease of life by having it privatized and set up at a new premise. It was open on 2nd June by the Minister of Local Government & Housing.

This year’s Council introduced the much-talked about member’s I.D. card. This first of which was issued 3 months ago. Together with the introduction of this card various retail outlets and hotels. The list of such establishments is contained in the Berita Akitek.

Other important issues are contained in the reports of various Chairmen and once again I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude to all members of Council and the membership at large for their support and assistance rendered.