PAM Gold Reward 1992

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Introduction by MC

Reading of the Pam gold Medal Award 1992 Citation by President PAM

The PAM Gold Medal Award was inaugurated in 1987 as the highest award that the Institute can bestow upon any of its individual corporate members.

This prestigious award is held by the Award’s Panel of Assessors to have exactingly and consummately fulfilled in totum either one or more of the following criteria:

  • The member has given distinguished service to Malaysian architecture by consistently designing or executing buildings of exceptional merit; or
  • The member has produced work of great distinction resulting in the advancement of architecture; or
  • The member has endowed the profession of architecture in Malaysia in such a distinguished manner as to merit the receipt of the Award.

It was decided that not more than one award (if any) is to be made in any one Council click here year. Furthermore, it must be made with careful evaluation of the candidate’s qualifications and their full compliances to the criteria for award. In the event that the Panel of Assessors finds no suitable candidate from among the submitted nominations, the Panel may choose to recommend not to make any award whatsoever for that particular year.

The Panel of Assessors having met and completed its evaluation has unanimously concurred and Council has endorsed the PAM Gold Medal for 1992 is to be awarded.

The citation, to be read by the President of PAM, will record in the annals of PAM, the distinguished manner and significant contribution to the profession of architecture in Malaysia by this year’s recipient.

It is my pleasure to call upon the President, Mr. Jimmy Lim, to read the Citation for the PAM Gold Medal Award 1992.