Kington Loo

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Dato Kington Loo,
BEP Akitek Sdn, Bhd.,
47, Jalan Dungun,
Damansara Heights,
P O Box 10507,
50716 Kuala Lumpur

Dear Kington

You may have read in the mass media about my recent Press Conference to express support for our Government’s policy towards promoting the use of tropical hardwood, and in particular with reference to a purported statement by UIA Secretary General.

I am writing in the hope that you are able to cast some light on an issue which PAM appears to have been drawn into unwittingly.

Our government, in response to the anti-tropical Hardwood campaign overseas had recently launched in information campaign to Europe led by our Minister of Primary Industries, YB Dato Seri Dr. Lim Keng Yaik.

On May 5 1992, the delegates met with several Swedish NGO’s of which one was a Mr. Nils Carlson representing the Swedish Architect Association and who inferred to know you personally.

On July 8 1992, PAM received a letter from MTIDC (Malaysian Timber Industrial Development Council) reference no.: TKK/ATHC/30/92, a representative arm of the Ministry of Primary Industries where it states:-


“During this meeting a certain Mr. Nils Carlson who is the representative of the Swedish Architects’ Association and also the Secretary General of the UIA confirmed the support given by his Associate to the campaign (against use of tropical timber) ………….
click here /> Mr. Carlson further gave the impression that even the UIA has such a policy (against tropical timber) and implied that PAM, being a member of UIA is party to this decision. He also indicated that Malaysian architects had played a very active role in UIA and mentioned the name of Dato’ Kington Loo being a former VP of UIA to substantiate this point.”


The letter goes on to say :

“We, therefore, have been asked by our Minister of Primary Industries to clarif6 this point with your Association for we find it hard to believe that PAM would consciously be party to a policy that is against our national interest.”
As a senior member of the profession, you must be equally concerned as we are at how PAM’s name has been used. It is in the light of the above that I am writing to seek your clarification if any on this matter; for a possible reason why Nils Carlson should have used your name in particular in representing PAM; and to seek your assistance to refute this unfair inclusion of PAM as being “anti-tropical hardwood”.

I seek your co-operation over this matter in order to assure our Government that PAM collectively is not working against our national interest.

Thank you for your assistance.


Yours sincerely,