jimmy Lim’s Architecture

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Malaysia is a multi-racial, multi-religious society. Therefore, architectural solutions reflecting a common denomination which may unify various contradictory requirements become an issue to be addressed. For example, architecturally, orientating a building westward is not advisable due to exposure to the setting sun. However, whilst designing for Muslims, a westerly orientation is preferred as it is facing the kiblat direction, and this is necessary for prayer and kenduri. Likewise, the Chinese will never align the opening at the front of the house with opening at the back as this is supposedly not good for ‘fung-shui’, Yet, architecturally for the tropics, through openings provide maximum ventilation click here for comfort.

Jimmy Lim’s design strives to resolve conflicting issues by drawing inspiration from traditional buildings. Elements in traditional architecture are interpreted in contemporary architecture because those principles have been found to be compatible with the local social and climatic environment.

Further to that, it exploits the level of local technology and the materials available locally. The buildings are also designed to harmonize with nature with minimal disturbance to the natural environment.

All these factors have resulted in designs which are specifically suited to the individual clients and site but always maintaining a concept and identity which is aimed at addressing architectural issues in the Malaysian context.