Council Members

Disk 39

All Council Membes please note the following about KC’s letter:

  1. He never asked for it to be circulated even if he did, it cannot be,
  2. He made no mention af any names, events, or dates. Council cannot act on hearsay and be involved in a wild goose chase!
  3. Chairman will allow these matters to be discussed under General and AOB only if he conducts himself properly.
  4. He must name names, events and dates ( to establish if it was under click here this Council’s term). If no dates, questions may be difficult to answer. Council must therefore refer to archives and look into the matter.
  5. Generally all Council Members must speak out and up. The
  6. Chairman must not appear to steer the meeting.
  7.  If he is unhappy about the way the institute is run, he can always do the following:-
  • Call an EGM to remove the office bearers of Council.
  • Select his own group to stand for the various position in Council.
  • He can always resign.