Nature & Art

Disk 57

In considering the nature and value of art in this essay, I have taken painting as my example of art in relation to craft, within the structure of society today. The reason for this is because it best describes what I am trying to illustrate in this essay. Both art and craft have been discussed in much detail with respect to whether they should be classified together or separately. Much has been disputed about where to draw the line between the two Harold Osborne suggests some distinguishing features,

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Disk 53

Our recent thrust into industrialization has proven to be successful. The dream of Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Dr. Mahatir Mohamad of lifting Malaysia onto a higher level of sophistication appears to come true. The liberalizing of restriction on foreign investment opportunities in Malaysia have attracted many industrial investors from Singapore, Japan and Taiwan. It has contributed towards reviving the dormant building industry in Malaysia. Malaysian economy having been resuscitated has recovered in “leaps and bounce’.

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Disk 55

There is reason to rejoice. M.A. has just completed a scheduled, uninterrupted and continuously improving series of six (6) issues for the year 1989. It has set a milestone in the history of PAM.

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KL and The Architects

Disk 39

The 1991 PACOM conference in Kuala Lumpur ahs given more focus to Malaysia. There is also no turning back of the clock now that K.L. has been nominated the Centre of City Planning. The other Municipal authorities will be viewing K.L. for leadership in city Planning. Planning for people and vehicle’ to maintain and up-lift the quality of life. Al components of the building industry will be viewed and scrutinized constantly. It is an honour for Malaysian and it is also a tremendous responsibility and burden. Can Malaysia maintain and live up to this role?

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jimmy Lim’s Architecture

Disk 72

Malaysia is a multi-racial, multi-religious society. Therefore, architectural solutions reflecting a common denomination which may unify various contradictory requirements become an issue to be addressed. For example, architecturally, orientating a building westward is not advisable due to exposure to the setting sun. However, whilst designing for Muslims, a westerly orientation is preferred as it is facing the kiblat direction, and this is necessary for prayer and kenduri. Likewise, the Chinese will never align the opening at the front of the house with opening at the back as this is supposedly not good for ‘fung-shui’, Yet, architecturally for the tropics, through openings provide maximum ventilation for comfort.

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Hotels in Relation to Tourism and Conservation/ Use of Local Materials

Disk 16

The genesis of modern buildings started when man first sought shelter from the elements by building a roof over his head. When he felt threatened by animals or other adversaries, he either raised his shelter to above ground or built a wall around the roof which sheltered him. Essentially the primitive home developed from this simplistic approach to that which now exist in the modern ‘smart’ homes, operated and controlled by comprehensively programmed computers.

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