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There were, in all, 96 entries for the 6 categories of award. This is a bi-annual award and this year, the assessors were Dato Bandar of Kuala Lumpur’s representative, Miss Rabiah @ Mas Bt Haji Adom; practicing architect, Mr. Chen Voon Fee and the President of PAM, Mr. Jimmy C S Lim.


Assessors Comments: –

In evaluating the submissions architectural excellence was a prerequisite not only the functional but also the over all esthetic manifestation were considered. The winning submissions demonstrated a high degree of architectural resolutions that would ultimately contribute towards advancement of Architectural standard in Malaysia. Their creative and innovative design will act as a benchmark for future architectural awards.


Although there were many interesting submissions the assessors did not award a winner as it was felt that none of the submissions attempted to seriously provide Architectural resolutions that is reflective of the climatic, cultural and contextual issues of Malaysia Architecture.



The winning submission was able to solve the problem of a difficult site cleverly. The manner in which the internal light well was utilized to absorb the awkward shape of the site. The introduction of the light-well provided a delightful experience for the inhabitants of the apartment block.

The architectural fenestration treatment was well handled and will enhance the surrounding environment. The entry that received an Honorable Mention was also by the same Architect. His ability to handle and resolute intimate and constraint site is commendable.

The rest of the submissions in this category did not reflect any creative answers for an otherwise repetitive problem.



The Mesiniaga building must be regarded as probably one of the most important building to be designed in the tropics. Its innovative direction in seeking an answer for a tropical high-rise may probably be closer to fulfillment than many would agree. Whilst the rest of the submissions were competently designed, however, none of them click here came any closer to achieving an innovative architectural resolution comparable to that of the Award winner.



The Winning submission although recently completed was in fact conceptualized and designed many years ago. Notwithstanding that fact, it demonstrated an interesting resolution of massing, handling of interior spaces and the play of light and shade. It has re-interpreted the Malaysian traditional element into a contemporary form.
There were other notable submissions in this category; but some had to be disqualified for not fulfilling the pre-requites for the Award.



The wining entry was able to humanize the scale and treatment for Industrial buildings. It was able to introduce an element of playfulness and delight in the way it treated the entrance foyer. The clarity of structure and the manner, the foyer ‘glass cube’ resolute itself around the corner was well handled.
There were other interesting submissions but none of them were able to depart from the traditional Industrial scale of their designs.



In the context of its location and its possible influence upon the surroundings, thereby contributing towards proper Conservation of Malaysian heritage. The assessors had no choice but to award the winner to Graphic Studio of Jalan Pudu Lama, Bukit Mahkamah. It was a sensitive Conservation exercise with adaptive re-use; yet not destroying the integrity of the building. The Honorable Mention winner was competently handled in a manner befitting adaptive re-use. Other entries provided a complete spectrum of other conservation methodologies. However, none of them were in any way reflective of the true essence of Conservation for adaptive re-use.



There were many interesting submissions in this category. The assessors found it difficult to decide on a winner. The Award wining scheme was selected for its high level of competency in using modern materials to create a delightful space. Its simplicity of resolution and detailing was the determine factor in its selection.