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The Berita Akitek is always touching on serious issues, trying to take a stand on issues relating to our profession. PAM has also exalted its members to all that which is right and correct within the practice of architecture. However, for all that is said and done there are still many within the Institute, who still fall by the wayside. That is life! Regrettably those that fall by the wayside have to be picked up or sometimes cast aside.

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Archasia heralds a new era in the history of ARCASIA. After 16 years ARCASIA Council at its annual meeting in Beijing 1991, concurred that an Architectural magazine transcending national boundaries to bind the works and views of Asian architects under the banner of ARCASIA be produced. The Malaysian Institute of Architects (P.A.M.) was entrusted with the task. It was to be self-financing with no funding from ARCASIA. Malaysia’s head of delegation, the President of the Institute was appointed the Editor in Chief and Coordinator of Archasia.

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Everything to do about
Very subjective – Beauty in Eye of the Beholder

Must embody the following:-

  • Spatial Control
  • Play of light and shade
  • Element of surprise and delight
  • Texture
  • Decorative Element
  • Clarity of Geometry
  • Therefore Clarity of Shapes and Forms
  • A sense of Tradition
  • An understanding of Climatic Response
  • Contextualism and Regionalism
  • (Not a passing fashion)
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It is indeed heartening to know that conservation is becoming popular in Malaysia. Since the founding of Badan Warisan Malaysia in 1984, numerous groups subscribing to belief in Conservation and Preservation has also come into being. Sahabat Warisan Malaysia 1985, Persatuan Warisan Pulau Pinang 1987, Melaka Chapter of Badan 1986 & Perak Chapter of Badan 1987. The recent ‘declaration’ granting Melaka the status of a ‘Historical City’ is a noble and commendable effort on the part of both the State & Federal Governments.

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